How We Work

I believe in working closely and collaboratively with you to create the garden of your dreams!

We begin with an in-person planning meeting and preliminary site review. I encourage you to bring photographs of garden designs and plants that you like so that I can fully understand what you have in mind. I listen carefully and make sure that my planning considers everything, including style (formal or casual), budget, seasonality, and ease of care.

Next, I prepare a design plan and we review it together at a follow-up meeting. After any needed changes, I prepare detailed plans and specifications, ready to be turned over to a landscape contractor or installer. I personally source and select every plant to make sure it is right for soil, drainage, water, sun, and other site specific conditions. If needed, I can recommend high-quality and reliable local contractors for irrigation, masonry, carpentry, installation, and maintenance. Throughout the project, I am always "on call" to make sure the process goes smoothly.