My Gardens

These rustic, country gardens are my laboratory where I experiment with new ideas that I can share with my clients. Some of these ideas are about design: Textures, colors, shapes, and scents in fresh and unexpected combinations. Placing plants in new contexts can create amazing experiences! I also do extensive experiments to learn how to minimize plants’ water needs. This is very important to maximizing local water resources (and shrinking my clients’ water bills!). Currently the ornamental areas of my gardens receive only once-weekly watering. As you can see, they are thriving. I learn a great deal from my clients, and often try out their ideas to see how they work in a different location. Both my ornamental and edible gardens provide year-round beauty, interest, and something tasty to eat or preserve! 



Key Characteristics

  • Rock retaining walls
  • Board formed concrete walls and fireplace
  • Brick fireplace
  • Vegetable garden
  • Fountain
  • Habitat garden



If you are interested in Margaret designing and installing your landscape call (707) 799-9118 or click the button to send her an email.